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« This little doll was everything I expected, absolutely adorable! Arrived so quickly, and thoughtfully packaged.... I will definitely order another one! I love her ! »


« The Ragdolls are exactly what I expected. They are small and of very good quality. They come in nice white boxes so they will be easy to wrap. I would highly recommend them. »


« Los stands son perfectos para exponer estas muñequitas.
Yo los tengo. Son extremadamente fáciles de montar y tienen la sencillez y calidad deseada para tener de pie a las muñequitas y poder contemplarlas.. »



I absolutely love this artist. Natasha is not only extremely talented and what she does but also a very kind, generous and friendly person 😊 Natasha made a mini version of my bunny and gave it to me as a gift. I am filled with immense joy and I would recommend everyone to buy from Natasha. Sending lots of love from the UK ❤


The Moppet Dolls are the best small dolls I have ever seen. So many to choose from, each one different. I have twelve and will continue to purchase from Natasha for a long time to come. She is a very creative woman. Shipping is prompt and the dolls arrive in perfect condition.


I love my little moppets! Natasha was wonderful in helping me with my custom dolls and my ever evolving requests. You can genuinely see the love and care she has for her craft. If you've been thinking of purchasing a doll for yourself or a friend, I highly recommend doing it! You will not be disappointed!


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I had been stalking Moppet Dolls for more than a year, first on Etsy, and then on the Moppet Dolls website before finally deciding to place my order. The pictures look wonderful, but I had very specific requirements, and to my joy and relief, I found Moppet Dolls to be not only accommodating, but accommodating beyond expectations! I bought two dolls, and requested two nightlights. I changed almost everything – which, when I have tried to do with other artists, I had to tread carefully to not overstep into their creative realm. Not only was Moppet Dolls able to create my little girls to my stipulations: in rendering both dolls and accessories, Moppet Dolls was able to preserve the heart and soul of the original Moppet Dolls while doing so. The nightlights are just genius, and so convenient, because they only require normal AAA batteries. In the course of this process, Moppet Dolls remained courteous and professional, and my order arrived way before the expected delivery time. The custom painting done on the accessory animals (I asked for a husky, a blue bird and a brown bunny instead of what was shown in the photos), the knit on the wee hat and dress on Santa’s Helper, the sliver skates (and gold-rimmed glasses) just like both the movies and the books, the hair and colour of their eyes, the purple ribbon and purple felt detail on my Easter Elf – perfect, each exquisite detail. It was Christmas in March for me to receive my two babies – I could not have been more careful with the stitching and painting of each tiny Thumbelina myself. 

Just … thrilled!

Michelle - USA

Led Night light of MoppetDolls world

« Lovely and irresistible little dolls for "bigger sisters" or a vitrine, a doll house. They are very carefully sewn, most fine. I bought two red-haired ones, matching the hair of my "raggedy-Anne" doll, as well as a blonde and a brown haired one. All of them have their own charm. They arrived very quickly. :-)). »


« C'est une petite poupée réalisée avec beaucoup de délicatesse mignonne et très bien confectionnée, c'est un beau travail de finition, elle est parfaite !  Natasha est une créatrice qui met tout son coeur dans la création de ses jolies mini poupées !  Natasha est une belle personne et une vendeuse de qualité !
Merci Natasha!!! »


I had been looking for some dolls for the kids' dolls house but wanted something with a bit of a personal touch. So I got in touch with Natasha to find out if she could make some dolls based on our family. Natasha was amazing to work with - she kept in touch throughout the whole process and sent photos of the dolls as she went along. I asked for some specific details eg. logos on clothing etc. and she managed to get everything perfect. They are so beautiful and I know my kids will adore them. Thank you so much Natasha - we couldn't have asked for better customer service and such gorgeous dolls! Xxo


Over 750 positive reviews on the website and my Etsy shop  confirm that my daily fine craftsmanship, commitment and enthusiasm make my customers satisfied with my products and service. You can read more reviews with this link. Again a big Thank you ! to my passionate customers for all these messages of encouragement, I am very proud and very grateful that my little MoppetDolls make you happy and help you in your life.