History of small Moppet dolls

We are lovers of life, passionate about sewing and little dolls

Moppetdolls - csissors stork, sewing tools for making cloth dolls, Outils de travail pour faire poupées en tissus, sewing kit for dolls, sewing pattern

I am Natasha. Moppet Dolls is my reputable online boutique brand that has been offering top quality small dolls and dollhouse items since its debut in 2017 on "A little Market" and after on "Etsy" and since few weeks directly on my new web site. My Etsy shop 


Sewing is my passion since I was 7 years old. Handmade and affection for these miniature rag dolls has always been and will remain my driving force to do and to create new Moppet dolls everydays for you.


Each Moppet is unique and has its own personality.



I started making dolls for my daughter Manon. The first ones were rather large, very detailed models as you can see in the photos, I also learned to make animals like the bear or the rabbit. then I started to make smaller dolls more intimate and transportable in a pocket or in a schoolbag;

​            When I started selling my dolls on my Etsy shop  I had a picture in my head: a woman opens the package she just received and she feels like she is 9 years old at that point and it is Christmas …. Maybe I dreamed so hard that my idea became real. Often my clients after receiving the doll send me the messages, they describe their emotions just like in my dream - "I'm 9 and it's Christmas". I believe that there is nothing more important than our smiles and our joys, and if my dolls manage to make people smile, to send into the world of childhood and Christmas, it makes me happy and satisfied with my work.

When I put my dolls on display at shows, almost anyone who stops to look finds one that looks like someone they know. Maybe you too!


As I make pretty quality dolls, people regularly ask me for patterns and pdf tutorials to help them make their dolls themselves. It's part of my plans but I haven't had time to do it yet.

I want to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Discover my store or our special offers, and contact me with any questions or requests.



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