Useful links for dolls lovers and dolls makers

Here you will find everything I have found useful - links to nice and good quality doll websites, how-to-do sites, fabric stores, sewing or knitting supplies stores that I source from. . I will add more to this list as I discover new sites online that I find useful for us. The links in bold are the ones that I have particularly useful. Have it! ...

Unfortunately I couldn't give you the links for small fabric stores that have treasures but no websites. But if you go to Paris do not hesitate to go for a walk in the shops of the Saint Pierre district.

Tissus modelés
couverture de couture

Cute dolls

Clothes for dolls


Blogs about dolls and doll lovers

Show and Exhibitions of Dolls and Dollhouses

Needle and pins

Sewing Machines

  • PFAFF  - Sewing machines pro for long time and electronic reliability - I choose the Creative 2.0 sewing machine because it is able to do also embroidery, it is easy and exciting to create one of a kind designs with a stylish twist

  • PFAFF - Creative 2.0 Sewing machine manual

  • SINGER - Sewing machines for everyone - My first sewing machine was a Singer that came from my grandmother.

PFAFF_Sewing Machine Creative 2.0_d_reliable machine for sewing and embroidery
PFAFF_Sewing Machine Creative_d_reliable machine for sewing and embroidery. Lot of possibility to embroidery. Val Holmes well-known teacher and embroiderer