Do you have your EORI UK number for your shipements ?

Updated: Apr 18

How to manage your exports / imports to the United Kingdom for sending your dolls ?

I'm just doing this little post thanks to Delivengo, La Poste and the government for helping you too, if like me you have problems with the BREXIT to send your packages to the United Kingdom and you have loyal customers who are passionate about miniature dolls in handcrafted fabrics that would be disappointed not to receive them.


BREXIT Towards new VAT modalities

From January 1, 2021, with the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, goods from the United Kingdom will no longer be considered as intra-community deliveries and acquisitions, but as imports and exports: New rules VAT will be applicable on your sales (BtoB or BtoC flow) of goods to this destination.

Leaving the UK will also lead to the removal of the current VAT exemption for sales of goods valued below £ 15 (€ 22). Sales of goods will now be subject to UK VAT from the 1st euro.

We are aware that these upcoming changes between the UK and the EU will have a direct impact on your business and that this is a challenge to be prepared for peacefully.

Why do I have to have a UK EORI number?

As part of an export of goods to the UK and following the new VAT collection regime for flows whose value is less than £ 135 (€ 150), the French e-merchant has the obligation to collect the UK VAT at the time of purchase and subsequently remitted to the UK government. To meet this obligation, the exporter must obtain a UK EORI number in addition to their Community EORI number, in order to be able to pay VAT directly to the UK government.

Use link to connect on :

At the bottom of the page click on « Applyfor an EORI number »

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Use this service to request an EORI number that begins with GB. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to make the request. You will also get it:

- either directly

- either within 5 working days if HMRC (HerMajesty’s Revenue & Customs) needs to carry out additional checks

If you need more informations :

Custom guide for the BREXIT