Welcome in Moppet doll world

Small handcrafted cloth and fabric art dolls for dollhouse 1/12 scale and for collection

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We wish you a Happy Easter !

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Known for my fine craftsmanship, my work of goldsmith and artist in all the details of doll making and painting. I select with rigor and pleasure the most beautiful fabrics from France, the USA and Japan for their quality and precision of printing and I also continuously seek the most beautiful accessories to dress and create every day new unique dolls for you and the passionate collector who is in you. 

I am happy to welcome you to the miniature world of little Moppet dolls.

I am the designer of beautifully handcrafted cloth dolls. I opened the Moppet Dolls store with one goal in mind: to offer my dear customers a unique and magical experience with my pretty little handmade fabric dolls. The doll is the perfect toy, it has no equivalent, but at the beginning it is tenderness and eternal love..

Dolls love exists in every girl from 5 to 99 years old. Created for play, joy, memory, tenderness, confidence, the lucky charm, the gift, the beauty or simply the style. It fits perfectly into any home or corner and can be carried away in any imagination or dollhouse.

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Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or a special doll personalised! 

Moppet dolls shop is also night lights for children, support for dolls, glass bells for presentation and protection for dolls, and friends for dolls such as small dogs, rabbits, cats, sheep or still other accessories for your games.. 

Do check back regularly - new creations are added all the time.

We wish you an Happy Easter !

We are Brexit adapted. We continuous to send to uk and all over the world.


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